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New Year - Same Ideals                                             Thumbnail

New Year - Same Ideals

The Chinese New Year signifies the beginning of spring and is each year is represented by one of twelve zodiac signs, this year it is the OX. There are many superstitions that are observed during this period, one such tradition is the gifting of Ang Bao; cash gifted in red packets. Receiving these red packets historically symbolised to plant seeds for the future.

You may not celebrate the Chinese traditions but you can still take part in the symbolic “seed sowing” ritual by following the fundamentals of financial planning that should apply throughout the year.

  • The future purchasing power of your money is still the most factor for the investor.
  • The investors silent enemy is inflation.
  • Historically, equities have been the best asset class to help fight inflation.
  • There may be a short term risk of owning equity. But there may be a long term risk for not owning equity.
  • Despite average intra-year drops of 14.3%, annual returns of the S&P 500 remained positive in 31 of 41 years.* Markets are capable of recovering and finishing in positive territory highlighting the importance of staying the course during market volatility.
  • The timing, and reason for, these market drawdowns cannot be predicted and may not coincide with economic trends.
  • Investing can be either simple or complicated, depending on how you look at the world.
  • In financial planning, the WHY is the underlying reason or need of the person that wants to invest.
  • Before deciding what to invest in, you need to understand what you are investing for.
  • The WHY must come before the HOW or the WHAT

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