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Financial Planning for Expats Thumbnail

Financial Planning for Expats

Financial Planning for Expats

When we meet with you for the first time, we ask what it is you are looking to achieve from financial planning. You may say you don’t have a way to invest regularly or tax-efficiently, don’t know if you are properly insured, you may not have estate documents, or you may be unsure whether you’ll achieve your financial goals because you are focused on day-to-day life and not planning for tomorrow. 

Andrew, Daniel, Michael, and I are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. Agnes will also have her CFP designation by the end of 2024. As CFP professionals and fiduciaries, we believe financial planning is the alpha; the extra value you get when working with an advisor who specializes in cross-border planning and who personally understands the complexities of being an expat and global citizen. 

We Start with a Plan, Not Investments

Through comprehensive planning, we create a road map to help you achieve your financial goals. We ask questions such as where do you want to live when you are old and gray? You may not know because you are a global citizen with many options, but you do have an idea of the lifestyle you want to live. You may want to cover education expenses for your children through college, travel, own your home mortgage free, give to charity, ensure you and your loved ones are protected by having sufficient health and life insurance. You may want to ensure your assets pass to your loved ones instead of paying inheritance or income tax unnecessarily. We build your financial goals by listening to not only what you say, but what isn’t said. 

You share your financial picture with Avrio via documents encompassing assets, liabilities, insurances, estate documents, pensions, employee benefits, and tax returns along with anything else relevant to planning. We review them in detail and create a draft of a financial plan with steps to consider for how to achieve your short-, medium-, and long-term financial goals now through retirement and beyond. Through in-depth conversations, strategies, and collaboration, eventually there is a financial plan ready to implement.

Implementation of Your Plan

We implement an investment strategy aligned to your specific goals. Our investments range from global low-cost ETFs or mutual funds to individual stock and bond portfolios, along with alternatives such as private equity or venture capital. You may need to dollar cost average monthly into new portfolios to achieve your goals, or we may suggest that you rebalance existing portfolios—all with an eye on tax efficiency and tax optimization.

Gaps may be identified in health, life, content, and valuables insurance. We often find health insurance to be insufficient through employers. We’ll highlight what you have and offer solutions. An uninsured, or under-insured risk, could derail a financial plan.

For many expats, living in Singapore creates tax planning opportunities. If you are a US taxpayer, we want to keep an eye on 2026 and the potential changes to the estate tax exemption and increase in tax rates. We would help you understand what steps can be taken today to preserve your wealth for tomorrow. For Australians, tax planning via an investment/insurance policy over 10 years can make a significant difference to a retirement plan. 

Estate planning is critical for expats since settling the estate of a loved one cross-border is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming if your estate documents aren’t in place or are out of date. You may need temporary guardianship until the permanent guardian arrives in Singapore. Multiple wills may be required depending upon where your assets are located. Trust structures for US taxpayers can pass assets to loved ones effectively, privately, and tax-efficiently if done correctly. Estate planning needs to be combined with tax-planning for cross-border families. For example, sometimes US taxpayers name their trusts as beneficiaries of their qualified accounts if their spouse is a non-US taxpayer. This is not necessarily the most tax-efficient strategy. 

Through ongoing planning, we work with you as your life evolves. From raising a family and funding education to managing your taxes efficiently, preparing for retirement, and planning your estate wisely, we will walk with you through life’s milestones so that you feel confident and secure about your financial path forward.

At Avrio Wealth, we plan for your tomorrow.

This material is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Additionally, you should consult with your Financial Advisor, Tax Advisor, or Attorney on your specific situation. The views expressed in the material are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of any market, regulatory body, State or Federal Agency, or Association. All efforts have been made to report or share true and accurate information. However, the information may become materially outdated or otherwise rendered incorrect due to subsequent new research or other changes, without notice. The author nor the firm are able to always verify the content from third-party sources. For additional information about the firm, please visit the MAS Website at https://www.mas.gov.sg/ and the SEC Website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. For a copy of the firm's ADV Part 2 Brochure, please contact us at info@avriowealth.com.